Project Description

Papal Cross

The Papal Cross is located at the edge of the Fifteen Acres within the Phoenix Park. The cross was erected for the outdoor mass celebrated there by Pope John Paul II on 29thSeptember 1979. This project consisted of the replacement and refurbishment of the existing feature pavement and the cleaning, repointing and repair of the stone clad wall and stairs.

Special Features

– Removing existing paving and tarmacadam to the entrance circle and avenue to the cross Laying new granite paving to match design that was removed Laying new tar in between sections of paving Removing and replacing damaged granite slabs to steps to match existing Cleaning of granite steps and cladding to stair wall Repointing of all wall and step joints throughout Laying new non-slip paving around the cross Laying new granite kerbs to perimeter of paved area Engraving works to existing plaque Removing paint and re-applying with anti-graffiti paint

Project Details


Civil Engineering


Acres Road, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8


The Office of Public Works


Consulting Engineer:
Fearon O’Neill Rooney

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